Can You Wear Corduroy in Summer? Surprising Answer Inside!

Summer is the season of fun, and every fashion-forward person wants to make a statement with their outfits. However, with each season comes a new set of fashion rules, leaving us to ask, “Can you wear corduroy in summer?” While traditionally, corduroy is a heavier, warmer fabric ideal for fall and winter; it can be adapted to summer fashion with the right styling and fabric choice.

For instance, lightweight corduroy makes a perfect summer fabric. It is softer, thinner, and breathable enough to be worn on hot summer days. Another option is for corduroy pieces in lighter colors, such as pastels. This can give a more summery vibe to the outfit. Moreover, corduroy shorts, skirts, and dresses can be paired with breezy fabrics such as cotton and linen to create a chic and comfortable summer look.

In conclusion, wearing corduroy in summer is possible with the right styling and fabric choice. Experimenting with lightweight corduroy pieces or pairing them with breezy fabrics such as cotton or linen is the ideal way to adapt this traditional fabric to your summer wardrobe. With these tips in mind, you can confidently wear corduroy in summer and make a fashion statement all season long.

Why Corduroy is Popular in the Winter

Regarding seasonal fabrics, corduroy is typically associated with fall and winter. Its thick, textured material provides warmth and insulation during cold temperatures. However, many wonder if corduroy can be a suitable option for summer fashion.

While it’s true that corduroy isn’t the easiest material to wear when the weather is warm, it’s not impossible to incorporate it into your summer wardrobe. Here are a few reasons why corduroy is so popular in the winter:

1. Insulation: As mentioned, corduroy’s thickness and texture make it a popular choice for colder weather. The material traps body heat, keeping you warm and cozy in the fall and winter months.

2. Durability: Corduroy is known for its durability, making it ideal for harsh winter conditions. It can withstand the wear and tear of regular use, and its rugged texture adds to its appeal.

3. Style: Corduroy’s unique texture makes it look different from other materials. Its ribbed surface creates a distinct look that can add a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit. It’s a classic fabric that has stood the test of time and is a go-to option for many fashion-conscious individuals.

While it may seem like wearing corduroy in the summer is out of the question, there are ways to make it work. Pairing corduroy pants with a light, breathable top or layering a corduroy blazer over a thin shirt can help you pull off the look without feeling too warm or uncomfortable.

Overall, while corduroy is most commonly associated with winter fashion, there’s no reason it can’t be worn in the summer months with a little creativity and ingenuity.

Can You Wear Corduroy in Summer

Corduroy is traditionally a cold-weather fabric that is thick and warm, so it’s understandable to think it wouldn’t be suitable for summer. However, you can still wear corduroy in the summer season with a few tips. Here are some ways to style corduroy during the warmer months:

Opt for Lighter Colors and Weights

When selecting corduroy items for summer, choose garments that are lighter in weight and color. Light hues like grey, beige, and white are perfect for summer outfits. Additionally, fabrics with a lighter gauge corduroy, such as 11 or 8 Wale, will still give you that corduroy look without being too heavy or stifling.

Choose Breathable Corduroy Fabrics

Corduroy is a cotton-based fabric, and cotton is known for its breathability. So, in the summer, ensure your corduroy garments are made with a high percentage of cotton rather than less breathable synthetic fabrics.

Pair Corduroy with Summer Staples

Corduroy can be paired with summer staples such as lightweight linen shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and cotton dresses. Opt for airy, lightweight tops or bottoms and pair them with your corduroy item to balance the outfit.

Pick the Right Type of Corduroy

Not all types of corduroy are suitable for the heat. Avoid heavier corduroy fabrics with a higher Wale, like 21 Wale. Consider corduroy shorts, which are lighter, cooler, and still offer unique texture.

In conclusion, yes, you can wear corduroy in the summer season. Incorporating these tips into your wardrobe lets you stay stylish while keeping cool during the hot months.

Can you wear corduroy in summer? While it might seem counterintuitive to reach for a fabric typically associated with chilly weather, a few factors can make corduroy a viable summer option. However, if you’d like to switch things up or are looking for fabrics better suited for warm weather, here are a few alternatives to consider:

Alternative Summer Fabrics to Consider


Linen is a classic warm-weather fabric for a reason. Lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, it perfectly combines style and comfort. The only downside is that it can wrinkle quite easily.


Like denim, chambray is a lightweight and breathable fabric that works well in summer. It’s also more versatile than you might initially think, as it can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


Seersucker is a crinkled, puckered fabric that naturally stands away from the skin, allowing for increased airflow. This makes it a great option for humid climates or for those looking to stay cool while still dressed smartly.


Cotton is a staple fabric that can work well in several different scenarios. Look for cotton pieces that are lightweight and breathable, and consider investing in clothing made from organic cotton to reduce your environmental impact.

So, while corduroy may not be the first fabric that comes to mind when you think of summer, other options can keep you looking and feeling cool. Ultimately, the choice will come down to your personal preferences, but with so many great fabric options, there’s something for everyone.


Corduroy is known for its warmth and thickness, so it is mostly used in the cooler months. However, with the lighter-weight corduroy fabrics available now, it is possible to wear corduroy in summer.

In this article, we have discussed some ways to wear corduroy in summer without compromising comfort or style. By choosing lighter colors, avoiding thick fabrics, and wearing corduroy in the right combinations with other summer-appropriate fabrics, you can stay cool while adding texture and interest to your summer wardrobe.

It is important to remember that corduroy is not the most breathable fabric, so you should still be careful when choosing your outfits. If you live in a particularly hot and humid climate, it may be best to avoid corduroy altogether in favor of more breathable fabrics.

In conclusion, while corduroy may not be the first choice for summer clothing, it is possible to make it work. Following the tips we presented, you can wear corduroy in summer while keeping your style and comfort in check.

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