The Ultimate Dropshipping Products to Pair with Print on Demand Offerings

This article will delve into the dropshipping products that complement print-on-demand offerings well. These items are currently popular in the market and present opportunities for artistic customization. Let’s explore and uncover some of the Ideal items to dropship!


T-shirts are a product in print on demand because of their appeal and flexibility. With dropshipping suppliers providing a selection of T-shirts in various styles, hues, and sizes, you can effortlessly personalize them using your designs or artwork from creators. T-shirts serve as a canvas for showcasing creativity and conveying messages. Suggestion: Target niche markets that align with your brand or intended audience. Whether it involves quotes or captivating visuals, discovering designs will distinguish your POD T-shirts from others in the market.


Sweatshirts have gained popularity as a clothing choice for both men and women. Their coziness, warmth, and stylish appeal make them a favorite pick for people in weather or laid-back settings. Similar to T-shirts, sweatshirts provide a platform for custom designs. Combining this garment with the ability to print on demand opens up opportunities to create highly sought-after sweatshirts.

Smartphone Covers

With devices playing a role in our daily routines, phone accessories have also grown in popularity. Print-on-demand smartphone covers allow individuals to safeguard their phones while displaying their style or interests. Whether it’s eye-catching patterns, inspiring quotes, or images of figures, phone cases offer a way to customize an essential accessory.

Coffee Mugs

Due to their appeal and usage, coffee mugs are among the choices for dropshipping products when paired with print-on-demand services. From coffee enthusiasts to tea lovers, everyone enjoys a mug. Thanks to the ability to customize designs on demand, you can elevate these essentials with eye-catching patterns. Consider providing mugs adorned with messages or images that connect with individuals or special occasions (like birthdays or holidays).


Customized jewelry has gained popularity recently. By blending print-on-demand methods with dropshipping, you can craft jewelry that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. From pendants commemorating memories to bracelets showcasing initials or zodiac signs, the options for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry are vast.

Home Decor Items

The world of print-on-demand doesn’t stop at items – it also extends into the realm of home decor! People enjoy embellishing their living spaces with pieces that mirror their individuality and taste. Creating home decor items, like wall art with family photos or motivational quotes and custom throw pillows with patterns, offers endless possibilities for enhancing your living space.

Totes and Backpacks

Totes and backpacks are must-haves for those on the move. Utilizing print-on-demand capabilities allows you to make these everyday essentials truly special. Provide personalized totes and backpacks with eye-catching prints or customized designs that cater to age groups and interests.

Facial Coverings

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, face masks have become a part of our everyday routines. Personalized facial coverings allow individuals to express their style while prioritizing safety. By utilizing dropshipping and print-on-demand services, you can offer a variety of designs, patterns, and customized messages on face masks. Suggestion: Consider collaborating with artists or designers to create visually appealing designs that reflect current fashion trends and provide both style and protection for your customers.

Technology Add Ons

In today’s era, tech accessories have gained popularity as enhancements for our devices. From laptop cases to mouse pads and tablet sleeves, tech accessories provide opportunities for personalization through print-on-demand services. Users can safeguard their gadgets while showcasing their individuality. Suggestion: Stay updated on the tech gadgets and accessories in the market to ensure your product range is current and caters to tech-savvy customers who value stylish and practical additions to their devices.

Closing Thoughts

Combining dropshipping with print-on-demand is a strategy that can help entrepreneurs differentiate themselves in today’s online marketplace. Business owners can effectively target consumer segments by offering exclusive customizable products such as tees, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, jewelry, home decor items, bags, and backpacks.

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